Glenn Buege GMC Dealership - Glenn Buege blew me off

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My car is a GMC under warranty.I have had problems with the radio for two years on an off.

It has been replaced twice and the problem still isn't fixed. 2 days and >8 hours later, Glenn Buege told me they don't know what the problem is or how to fix it and that I was not welcome back. I even spoke to Mr. Buege who said to come back, but hid behind the service department who said they won't work on the car anymore.

No other dealership will work on the car because they don't want to work on another dealsership's mess ups. I have spent hours (really) on the phone with customer service, which got me absolutely nowhere. My car is still under warranty and no one will fix it!

I think I am done with GMC cars from now on.

Review about: Warranty Car.


Ripped Off By Valvoline

Welcome to Government Motors! Sorry to hear that they won't stand behind their products.

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